Monday, January 23, 2012

Journal 4 - FGCU Nature Walk

On our class campus Nature Walk we went through the Florida Gulf Coast University Nature trail. On our walk we did not really see any animals. This could have been because our class went trampling through there like a stampede of rhinos. I however felt relieved to be out of the stifling indoor classroom and into the fresh air of nature. On the Trail our guide pretty much told me stuff I had known from taking South West Florida Environmental Biology, Oak Hammocks, Cypress domes, Pine Uplands, and the invasive Melaleuca tree.  I learned that we as a species always think we know better than nature. I was actually glad that our previous efforts to control the invasive plant were a fail so that maybe we would see we don’t know everything. Previously in effort to control the Melaleuca from spreading they went around with machetes and chopped it down, little did they know that the trees defensive mechanisms would respond by releasing thousands of spores into the air.

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